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The Known, The Unknown and the Unknowable
Health & The SelfPerspective
In metaphysics, this concept relates to how the properties of our being are able to communicate.
The 3 concepts of being: "I", "I Am", and "I Am That". The known - relates to "I Am That": These are the attributes of "I" which we assign...
A Show Of Support For You All
Health & The Self
In this article, I hope to write to you as an individual. This particular method was taught to me in an interesting way.
Many years ago, I attended a Church of Yoga. Kriya Yoga, to be specific. It was not Religious. It was not New Agey. It was a method that...
The People vs. Corporate Greed - Can We Fight It?
Corporations hold the economy hostage. They have unequivocal control over the economy AND politics... at least that's how it seems.

Yes we can

Discovering how to fight corporate greed is a complicated matter. One thing to know right off the bat. Corporations know that people will fight them. They...
How Inflation Scales (and who is to blame)
Ever wonder about the way inflation branches out? Who or what is at the top, or at the bottom? And how it all breaks down according to the various levels of power?
How does inflation start? We know it doesn't magically appear out of thin air. A resource can't just determine itself to be more valuable. So some person or...

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