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The Four R's of Revolution
Revolution is a blanket statement for the entire process, however there are 4 steps that define it. Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution, Reform
- Resistance is raising your voice against the system. - Rebellion is breaking the established rules of the system. - Revolution is actively taking measures to bring down the leaders...
Being still helps the climate
Climate & EnvironmentOpinion
Remember back, not so long ago... that month the Earth stood still? I find it ironic that a virus, one of the most formidable enemies to mankind, was also the most successful event in recent history to cleanup pollution.
An enemy to mankind (a pandemic) helped what mankind perceives as an enemy to mankind. I said "perceives" because nature is not an enemy. Yet we're attacking the...
Be Yourself
Health & The SelfPerspective
Those who are not afraid to be themselves know how to cater to their own strengths, and are the most influential towards change.
Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Being in a social situation doesn't always allow time to self-reflect and discover what they are. In a country divided, your uniqueness...

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