Dissolving the Political Party System - Can It Be Done?

Dissolving the Political Party System - Can It Be Done?

Is it possible to remove the political party system? Can we survive the ensuing chaos?

Political Parties are NOT mentioned in the US Constitution. Political factions began to form over its ratification in 1787, which leads us up to today.

(Wikipedia) - Political Parties & The Constitution

It is my strongly held belief (backed up by scientific study, historical reference and various other experts in the field) that there is almost no chance that our society can avoid collapse under the current system of Government.

(BBC) - How Western Civilization Could Collapse

However, it is inevitable that the population must have some form of leadership. In our modern society, we are dealing with a form of corporate dictatorship and a pervasive message that society cannot survive without Government. This kind of messaging is used to coerce people into the belief that they need to be fully dependent upon "existing" Government. This message is only partially true. Some form of council needs to be in place to run a country, but at what point do we come to the realization that our current system is not sustainable? Government uses marketing to increase its illusion of indispensability just like corporations do. So here we are, dependent upon the Government to solve all of our societal problems.

But what if we took the reins?

The Government has etched a system of internal policy and law into its playbook that defines how it needs to be run. There are three main problems with this. The system is not scalable and cannot adapt as society changes. Related to that, the system is very old, very obsolete and very fragile. Lastly, a non-adaptable system can eventually be "figured out" and taken advantage of by bad players both foreign and domestic. We are seeing this happen right now from the front lines. A system that doesn't change becomes easy to manipulate. Both its rules and its results become predictable. It is like using the same password for 50 years. At first it works well, but with thousands continuously attacking it someone will eventually figure it out. Once one person is on, many more will follow until the account becomes corrupted and unusable. It has a familiar ring, doesn't it?

To bring about the kind of Government reform that we desperately need, there is a first and very indispensable step that needs to be taken. Dissolution of the Party System. This first step is the keystone that literally opens up everything else.

All this stagnancy and inability to change is locked in place by party affiliation. These rules, which are primarily defined by the division in the political system came after the constitution. When the parties took sides, these policies were first put in place so they would play well together. But now those same policies are now destroying the entire system, and this will all fall apart if we leave them in place.

(Govt Local) - The Formation of Political Parties

Let's take a quick look at some of the policies & laws that would undergo immediate and systemic change if the political party system were to be disbanded. In simple terms they would no longer apply.

  • The Filibuster

  • The Parliamentarian

  • Gerrymandering / Redistricting

  • Voter affiliation (ballots)

  • The RNC / DNC

  • The Electoral College

  • Corporate lobbying would not work either, at least in its current format

You can see how sweeping these changes would be. Just these alone would redefine the Government and provide a way forward to everything else that needs to be done.

From the list above, the following could possibly be refactored to work without a party system.

  • Instead of gerrymandering or redistricting, county borders could simply be used.

  • The voting process and ballots would have to be replaced by either Ranked Choice Voting or the popular vote.

In my opinion, the rest should just stay gone. All these elements were put into place to make a "primarily" two party system work... and all these elements are the core of what is wrong with the Government right now. The root cause of why it's failing is because Republicans are using these to their advantage.

But can the Government (or we) survive a removal of political parties? Who or what would it affect?

Everyone including the Government itself. They would be thrown into chaos because most of those internal policies that they are both attached to and frustrated by would no longer work. They would have to find a way to keep running, and quickly. Party dissolution would also affect state and county governments as well, so the best solution is to remove all political affiliation country wide at roughly the same time and adopt the updated policies as a unified front.

Could it be done? Yes. Could it be done relatively smoothly? No.

The chaos resulting from this kind of transition would be painful. It would throw the internal workings of the Government into chaos, as well as external allies and associations. It would severely affect the public, especially those dependent on Government programs.

But failure of society without Government reform is inevitable. Democratic, Republican, Independent Government doesn't matter. We've seen a steady but slowly increasing decline in the living conditions for the working public over the last 50 years or so. Even so, the government doesn't seem to want to rock it's own boat, so they will introduce bill after bill to soften the fall, rather than face its upcoming catastrophic failure.

Thus, the question is: How can we have both a complete Government reform, and keep the transition to it from being a total catastrophic clusterfuck?

There is a way.

Firstly, we would need to stage a 3rd party, external council to help handle and process the transition. Council members would be selected by the people, and it could be prepared beforehand at any point. (Ample time would need to be given to formulate as complete a plan as possible before it was enacted.) They would need to create an archive of all existing policies, and how party affiliation affects or doesn't affect them. They would need to have authority over modification of those policies to pull/remove the tenets & amendments from them that are party-centric.

This council would need to have a plan in place to revamp the ballot system. They would need to be able to exterminate divisive policy like the filibuster and organizations like the DNC / RNC. They would need to remove gerrymandering and redistricting at the state level as well as oversee removal of party affiliation at state and local levels.

How much pushback could we expect?

Excessive. We're talking about most of the Administration that is in stubborn denial that there even is a problem. We would have to obtain undeniable proof that the Government is on the road to failure, provide a timeline, factual statistics, historical references as well as put together a model of what would happen to the country and the administration itself as this failure happens.

We would have to present this in such as way as to reveal that the Government itself could lose its standing, its money and many would lose their very jobs. We have to make it personal. We have to show that their lives will be affected as well.

While I understand very well that the Republican Party foments racial disparity, bigotry and sexism, fascism and all the other "ism's" that destroy an equitable country, we must look here at the wider view. Removal of just the Republican Party throws all the power in Democratic hands. It might look like paradise at first, but too much power in one place never turns out well. This is the reason why I call for dissolution of the party system altogether. We are out of time and out of options.

It MUST be reformed.


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