WWIII Is An Information War

WWIII Is An Information War

WWI and WWII are defined in terms of physical battle. WWIII is already here, and it's much different.

The Ukraine/Russia War is not a World War. There is global participation in lending support to Ukraine, but that still doesn't make it a World War.

However, we are already embroiled in WWIII, and it is definitely global. Strategies in previous physical wars are being used in this one, but not in terms of physical battle. Supply lines/resources, information, financial, psychological and cyber warfare are the front lines here. The outcome could realistically be defined as a guerilla business tactic. Slowly squeeze out a country's economy until they are forced to just hand it over. Spread disinformation to the point at which true information is shifted to be defined as conspiracy theory or passed off as radical belief. Accurate and true information that is weakened loses media time and public impact. Because media companies want to make money, they will focus on news that entertains, excites and creates drama.

All of these methodologies are already in play, and this is what we must fight against. The digital canvas is the victory flag that both sides are trying to grab.

Can we make truthful news exciting? Entertaining? Can we overwhelm disinformation with an armada of small, privately owned media companies? Can we build a fact checking system that discredits false news frequently enough to make a difference? Can we injure the profits of corporate media in any way through our actions? These are all strategies we need to think about.

You know the old saying. "Divide and conquer." That does not only apply in a physical or "hot" war. It can also apply in terms of weakening a country from within using the various methods outlined above. The conquering is ephemeral in our modern world war. It can only be seen clearly by the conquerors. So our focus needs to be on uniting.

There is party division in Government. Political division in the population. Financial division due to the wealth gap. Finally idealistic division where people are unable to organize en-masse for a cause. The stability and strength of our country is very weak due to these factors.

We are currently doing everything backwards. Instead of the primary focus being the information war, the Government is throwing insane amounts of cash at MIC (Military Industrial Complex). You can't win this war with guns and tanks and cool aircraft.

All of the issues we're facing... the invasion of financial, psychological and cyber disinformation are major issues. They are likely country & economy ending issues and most of these have become weaponized.

An Information War is the only way to assemble all the other facets and describe what is really going on. The distribution of information depends on two primary things. How, when and where resources are distributed and how they are valued. Metrics, logistics, inventory, availability and so on.

The 2nd thing is how the public is influenced in regards to disinformation. This is important because the impact could lead people to sabotage the way resources are distributed. People are coerced into the belief so strongly that they become sacrificial lambs and end up sabotaging their own resources.

Make no mistake. We are in WWIII. In this information war we must fight with our minds as hard as the soldiers in previous wars have fought with their bodies. We lose if we treat it as a minor infraction or pass it off as an invasion of nitwits seeking to subvert corporate media. It is much, much larger than that. Everything is at stake. The Economy. The function of Government and the Courts and Law. The Financial sector and distribution of wealth. The Media itself. Even our online access to information will be at risk.

Fight your battles with no mercy. Kill off disinformation with whatever weapons you have at your disposal. This is war. The only difference is the method in which we fight.

PDF: Belfer Center Paper- Protecting Democracy in an Era of Cyber Information War

Information is the canvas for most of our actions and decisions. To the wealthy, elitists, corporations, marketing business and foreign agents information is more valuable than money. To sew division is to introduce chaos into the system, and the more chaotic a system is, the more they can get away with. Think in terms of the IRS re-staffing policy the administration recently passed. An understaffed IRS cannot process taxes efficiently, therefore people who commit tax fraud are more likely to get away with it. Is there any question why Republicans hit the roof when Biden did this?

Law that cannot be enforced for lack of resources means the lawless automatically have more power.

This brings to mind a quote. "They know not what they do." Realistically, our legislators don't actually want to surrender our country to another. They only want money and power. What they are willing to risk to get their money is the core of the problem though. The illusion of wealth and power is strong, and they no doubt have made a mental picture of themselves as national heroes pulling the country out of the mess that it's in. But the opposite is true. By using the wealth and power that they have, they are oppressing the very source of what made this country strong and stable. The people. The foundation. Those who hauled in the materials and hammered it together.

To better understand the division in our country and why right wing extremists have been able to gain such a foothold, we have to bring up one of those standard cringy terms. "Herd mentality".

Herd mentality is much easier than having independent values. With subjective thinking, all you have to do is tweak the perimeter to keep the entire herd in line. We see this with MAGA all the time. Their scope of thought is limited to that which influences them. They won't question, consider and analyze their decisions. That's too much work.

Corporations, marketing, the wealthy, the influencers love the right. Why? Because they don't have to spend extra time and money proving that their product is valuable. They may offer platitudes to the left. "We believe in what you're doing!" then betray you the moment you turn your back.

ARTICLE: Scientific American- Conservative and Liberal Brains Might Have Some Real Differences

It is easier to destroy than to create. Creating anything takes thought, planning, effort. Destroying anything just takes a sledgehammer. That's pretty much it. Destroying truth is many times easier than building and protecting it.

We need to fight this information war on multiple levels.

Information is one of the cornerstones on which this modern country runs. So influencing the dialogue of the population would be a primary goal. Plant seeds. Recruit when you can. Build numbers. Change minds. Go outside of your comfort zone. More diversity is creating a better world.

What we will need:
1. Our own avenues of power, wealth and influence. (Just being realistic here)
2. Large numbers of people with like-minded ideals to organize and act.
3. A means to expose corruption and greed at a level to change minds. Help to influence the dialogue. Recruit as many as possible from the right.

I've been pondering some strategies and I came up with a few things.

One methoed is by controlling the controllers that control right wing extremists. This is obviously easier said than done. But there are ways to expose them and render them unfit in the eyes of their supporters. So, what are the ideals of the right wing that would be forbidden territory? We have the 2A of course. Gun Legislation. We have women's rights. Racial diversity. Anti-Christian activity.

Remember Madison Cawthorn? Remember his little dick-slapping episode with his bed buddy? That was most definitely Anti-Christian, Forbidden territory. Remember that term "Forbidden Territory".

Forbidden Territory is an act that is so strongly against the construct that MAGA built that it can't be ignored or swept under the rug. Forbidden Territory is an act that must be dealt with or it would damage the party (herd). Like a fatally contagious disease, a few must be removed to protect the rest.

We have to capture these leaders in moments of forbidden territory and expose it. We must crater their popularity with their supporters and their status with their peers. It's a long game I know, but it can be done.

A second thing. This is much harder to do because we, the left... are unified generically in a larger sense, but have trouble organizing enough to make a difference by each particular issue. We need battalions of topic based activists, and each fighter in that battalion tasked with their greatest strength. Let's take a corporation that fires and defames employees trying to organize unions. Let's call it the X-Corp Battalion (XCB). XCB has been able to organize 20,000 members. These members are split into various units. So XCB has a Tech unit with Programmers and Admins. In the field, activists who physically protest. Social Media Activists who look for and expose the company's wrongdoings. And law researchers and lawyers who find and build suits against them. These things can have a huge effect if only we can organize. It can be successful. Resistance has reversed a decision by Spotify and stripped Kanye West of his shoe (or whatever they're called) business.

Finally, and this may be the most important, we need a pool of talent where we can reach everyone. The Fediverse is a great example. Raw to professional talent in all fields in one place. A place that has a full canvas of mental complexity and individual ideals, but everyone still enjoys being in the same space. Something like this could potentially create these battalions.

Coming up with strategies of our own is imperative. Disprove all baseless facts and mis/disinformation. And this is important. Attack them only where they are succeeding. Don't waste precious time where the right is already failing. (Like Gab, Parler, Truth Social or like Musk's fail with Twitter).

In other words. Let failing strategies fail and help turn succeeding strategies into failures.

We can't afford to lose this information war. Losing is forfeiting everything that had made our country a world leader.

It's a war. It's going to be dirty, disgusting and there will be a lot of mental gore. Carve it into your minds. It's WWIII.


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