The Aftereffekt is: a sentient form of discovery, communicated by vision as well as sound. The attempt to intimately grasp the mystical which we cannot dismiss regardless of our fears and trepidations.

Humanity requires the influence of the imagination to thrive, and this has been lulled into sleep from trends in our current society. The original story which holds the truth of our past and of what is to come, will be re-awakened. The Effekt itself is the music, the trigger, and the storyteller. The Aftereffekt is the residue of that influence, that which makes one consider how things are supposed to be in relation to how they are.


This site is being rebuilt to show (objective, true) news, environmental events, local alerts and weather emergencies in your area, protest activities, etc.... Because of a crazy schedule, I'll work on it whenever I can. Keep checking back. The design is awesome!

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