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The Aftereffekt is my little, or not so little, home grown project. Social Media is nice, but to me it just can't produce the impact of a well thought out article. So it came about as a repurposed band site that had been sitting on the shelf for years. I have a lot that I want to talk about, and I selfishly didn't want to put it on anyone else's platform. That is why I developed the entire thing myself.

You could say my approach is a blend of unique individualism, 80% positivity and 20% frustrated rage. It will show in my articles and my perspective... and may take some getting used to.


Here, we dispense with the drama. This site is about reality. Yes, there will be a lot of politics involved. But any one topic may reach beyond typical boundaries. What I wish to offer to all of you is a wide-angle perspective of the topics, issues and trials plaguing our country and the world. My perspective is unique in that it takes an issue and dispenses with the details. Instead, it looks at the tertiary effects of that issue, and paints a more complete picture of what the result may be. I will also reach back to discover what strings may be attached to it.

We are right at the edge of understanding what we need to make the changes needed for a better country. I want us to have that realization together. I write to activate something in myself as much as others. We all know that "status-quo" won't work anymore. Current and recent events have just ripped that to shreds. But we all need time to adapt to a new way of thinking, a way that will really change the country in the way WE choose. That is what this site is for.

If you wander around the site, please feel free to shoot me a + or a - through the contact form or the Twitter DM's. Also, I have a donations button since I spent a lot of time and effort building the site. Buy me a coffee, beer, or a new car. I'll take anything. I'm not picky. ;-)


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I wanted to build a site to be as informative & helpful as possible. A lot of time and cost goes into hosting, maintenance and premium features, so any donation is greatly appreciated.