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Blogs & Articles from me and select people with a unique mindset and/or perspective.

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HumanNotkind, A Story of Parasitic, Broken Gods
Climate & EnvironmentPerspective
We were given the planet. Then we squandered it.
Humanity was given dominion over the planet. Top of the food chain. Free will. Artistic license over the Earth. From the time we first crafted a wooden spear or...
Ellicott City, MD. - A One Square Mile Climate Disaster
Climate & Environment
Greed, a lack of foresight and an unexpected severe storm nearly destroyed a small town in Maryland... twice!
Back in a former life I lived in a small town in Maryland called Ellicott City. One of the coolest little artsy towns in the state with cute...
WWIII Is An Information War
WWI and WWII are defined in terms of physical battle. WWIII is already here, and it's much different.
The Ukraine/Russia War is not a World War. There is global participation in lending support to Ukraine, but that still doesn't make it a World War. However, we are...
Dissolving the Political Party System - Can It Be Done?
Is it possible to remove the political party system? Can we survive the ensuing chaos?
Political Parties are NOT mentioned in the US Constitution. Political factions began to form over its ratification in 1787, which leads us up to today. (Wikipedia)...
My Scrapbook. Thrown together ideas and various ramblings, funny stuff and more. Too short for a blog – Too long for a post. (More content coming soon)

Article / Scrapbook Categories

So Much Plastic!
This is to all the companies that manufacture plastic packaging. Like really? You can save 50% of the plastic per snack...
Biden's Hot Mic Moment
Biden's "hot mic" moment was an intentional slip. It is something relatively easy to plan, especially when the questions from...
The greed of the wealthy
There is nothing wrong about people possessing riches. The wrong comes from riches possessing people....
Forever Covid
Health & The Self
Covid will most likely be around for the indeterminate future. We didn't fight it properly early on. We didn't fight...
I can think of a few...
Wear Ur Mask!
Browse my (amateur) photography. I'm a big fan of landscapes so you'll see my various hikes around the San Juan Mountains.

San Juan Mountains

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Mountain cruises, some offroad, hikes and music (coming soon). I apologize for the lack of videos. More will be coming soon. (Use of music)

Mountain Drives Collection

I love rugged, high mountain terrain. The San Juan Mountains have always appealed to me, even before I called them my home.

Independence Pass: Featured Video

Bailey, CO to Aspen over Independence Pass

Red Mountain Pass: Featured Video

Ouray to Silverton via Red Mountain Pass. (About the first half)

Offroad & 4x4 Collection

Exploring the Offroad and 4x4 Jeep Trails in the SW Colorado.

Passing on Ophir Pass: Featured Video

Having to pull over to let an uphill Jeeper by on a narrow section of the pass.
Disclaimer: All views and scenarios in these articles and writings are expressly my own, and may not always reflect accurate information. My intention is to provide a larger canvas of perspective to the sources and causes behind any particular national issue. The type of information I like to tackle is challenging because it is rarely available to the public eye, so there will always be a degree of intuition and intelligent guessing.

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